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Pest Control

At Excel Pest Control, our technicians don't just deliver pest control management to your environment; rather each of our experienced team members is trained to provide pest prevention and pest control management for your home or commercial environment specifically tailored to your needs. Going above and beyond the norm and addressing the problem even before it starts, we create a program designed to accommodate your pest prevention requirements.

Whether the problem is in your residential home or your business environment, we proudly apply a system that prevents pests in every type of environment from residential to commercial all the way to industrial property including homes, hotels, restaurants, hospitals, retail centers, supermarkets, apartment complexes and more. Even if pests are already a problem or if you haven't seen a bug, our professional team of technicians will handle your pest and termite prevention needs efficiently and promptly

Residential or Commercial

If you own a home in the Dallas, Frisco ,Mckineey Plano, Richardson and Allen, are you are an apartment manager handling a large apartment complex, we do it all. Perhaps you have an office in a commercial building or industrial space that needs pest management or prevention?

We at Excel Pest Control want to help keep your environment safe and secure from pests, so call us to learn more. Licensed and insured to handle the pest situation, we guarantee to use techniques that are safe for children and pets. Why wait until you are overwhelmed with a pest problem. Call us today and let us provide a free estimate for your specific property. Remember, whether it is a commercial, industrial or a residential environment, we are ready to prevent or rid your space of any pest problem.

Indoor Pest Control 

We will treat all major areas which includes plumbing, window seals, door jams and baseboards. Since ants and cockroaches don’t even know it is there, they repeatedly cross through treated areas. Expansion joints, foundation cracks, and tiny gaps around plumbing are all opportunities for pests to enter your home. Excel Pest Control will focus on applying long lasting protection deep inside the cracks and crevices in and around your home. Strategic baiting and placement is crucial for effective pest management. Our service technicians will use a variety of baiting methods throughout your home to ensure a pest free environment.

Out Door Pest Control

Residual products will be used on the outside foundation of the house to ensure long lasting control. The power spray will provide an immediate knockdown for a wide array of pests. In order to achieve long lasting perimeter protection we can incorporate perimeter granulation into our service. This regular granulation of your homes perimeter structure and flowerbeds will help control a variety of pests from approaching your home and offer long last control of your pests.