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Rats and mice are the most abundant and therefore the more annoying and destructive of all rodents the homeowner or business owner may encounter.

Throughout history, they have been responsible for more human illnesses and deaths than any other mammals. Rodents seek out food, water, and warm places to burrow inside structures. Rodent control is important to the safety of your family as they can transfer diseases through their feces and can also can bring fleas, ticks, and lice into a structure.

Common Types of Rodents

Although there are thousands of types of rodents throughout the world, we focus on and treat for the most common types found in areas such as Plano, McKinney, Frisco, Dallas and surrounding areas. These include the Norway Rat, the Roof Rat and the House Mouse.

  •  Norway Rats - prefers the outdoors and burrow in the ground under foundations and in trash dumps. Inside they live between floors and walls and enclosed places out of sight.
  •  Roof Rat - is smaller than the Norway and seems to prefer above-ground dwellings, in attics, between walls or outdoors in trees and vines.
  •  House Mouse - the smallest of the household rodents, is gray and has a long tail. They live in any convenient, protected space.

Rodent Control Treatments

The first step to controlling rodent infestations is the common sense elimination of their food, water and harboring sources. Elimination of whatever creates a convenient living situation for them is always the first step and should be addressed at the first signs of their presence. This includes looking for and removing access points where they may be able to enter a pantry or other food storage locations. One of the best methods for detecting rodents is listening for unfamiliar noises or clatter and looking for evidence (chewed wires, torn insulation, displaced material) and then consulting a rodent control professional before the they cause more damage.

Once the home or business has taken steps to make the environment inhospitable for rodents, baiting is the next step in the treatment process. It is important to make sure all of the rodents who have already entered and live at a property be removed because rodents can reproduce rapidly, creating 150 to 200 offspring in a period of 5 months. Baiting, which uses a rodenticide to kill mice and rats, is the first choice as it is effective in most cases and is the simplest solution.

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